This is a list of abbreviations used on the clicker training/operant conditioning e-mail lists Click-L (FAQ) and ClickTrain.

Gleaned from the lists, and especially from postings by Pat Robards, Helix Fairweather, and Stacy Braslau-Schneck.

AC After Clicker
ACTA Australian Click Train Association
A-CD/A-CDX/A-UD Dogshow title: (see CD, CDX, and UD) offered by ASCA
AKC Club: American Kennel Club
APDT Club: Association of Pet Dog Trainers
AFGE Internet?: Another Fine/F*cking Growth Experience
AHBA Club: American Herding Breed Association
ASCA Club: Australian Shepherd Club of America
BC Before Clicker
BC Breed: Border Collie
BIR Internet: Based In Reality
BJ Broad Jump
bonk/bonker (Not an abbreviation.) A short-hand term referring to an attention-getter invented by Gary Wilkes. Generally a rolled-up towel secured with elastic bands, tossed at a dog as a startling P+ followed by a clear CP+.
BTW Internet: By The Way
CD Dogshow Title: (Obedience) Companion Dog
CDX Dogshow Title: (Obedience) Companion Dog Excellent
CH Dogshow Title: Champion
CP Conditioned Punisher
CR Conditioned Reinforcer (also referred to as secondary reinforcer)
C/T Click and Treat
Dal Breed: Dalmatian
DB DumbBell
DOR Obedience: Drop on Recall
DRA Differential Reinforcement of Alternative behavior
DRP Dominance Reduction Program
DSTD Book: Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor
FFT Internet: Food For Thought
FR Fixed Reinforcement (schedule)
FSR Fixed Schedule of Reinforcemt
FWIW Internet: For What It’s Worth
FYA Internet: For Your Amusement
G Internet: Grin
GR Breed: Golden Retriever
GSD Breed: German Shephard Dog
IME Internet: In My Experience
IMHO Internet: In my Humble/Honest Opinion
IMNSHO Internet: In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO Internet: In My Opinion
IOW Internet: In Other Words
J&P; Jerk and Praise/Puke/Pull — refers to traditional “pop and release” training methods
jackpot (Not an abbreviation.) A much-larger-than-usual treat usually given to mark an “Ah-HA!” or “lightbulb” behaviour by the dog.
JRT Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
KP Karen Pryor, author and speaker
LBTW Book: Lads Before the Wind by Karen Pryor
LOL Internet: Laughing Out Loud
NRM No Reward Marker (see The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson) “I see what you’re doing, but it’s not what I want right now. Try again.”
NADAC Club: North American Dog Agility Council, Inc.
NILIF Internet: Nothing In Life Is Free
OC Operant Conditioning
OTCH/OTCh Dogshow Title: Obedience Trial CHampion
OTOH Internet: On The Other Hand
P- Negative Punishment
Behavior decreases because Good Thing ends or is removed. (Stacy Braslau-Schneck)
P+ Positive Punishment
Behavior decreases because Bad Thing starts or is added. (Stacy Braslau-Schneck)
POV Internet: Point Of View
PR Primary Reinforcer
puppy pushups The activity your dog displays in response to the following series of commands: “Sit!” “Down!” “Sit!” “Down!” “Sit!” “Down!”
PWD Breed: Portugese Water Dog
R- Negative Reinforcement
Behavior increases because Bad Thing ends or is removed. (Stacy Braslau-Schneck)
R+ Positive Reinforcement
Behavior increases because Good Thing starts or is added. (Stacy Braslau-Schneck)
PRT Positive Reinforcement Training
RC Respondent Conditioning
ROTFL Internet: Rolling On The Floor Laughing
RSN Internet: Real Soon Now
RTFM Internet: Read the Fine/F*cking Manual
RTM Internet: Read the Manual
SP Breed: Standard Poodle
TCC The Culture Clash: A revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs by Jean Donaldson, ISBN 1-888047-05-4.
TIA Internet: Thanks In Advance
TIC Internet: Tongue-In-Cheek
UKC Club: United Kennel Club (Some information about the UKC can be found at the Alaska Klee Kai site.)
U-CD, U-CDX, U-UD Dogshow title: (see CD, CDX, and UD) offered by UKC
UD Dogshow Title: (Obedience) Utility Dog
UDX Dogshow Title: (Obedience) Utility Dog Excellent
USDAA Club: United States Dog Agility Association
VBG Internet: Very Big Grin
VR Variable Reinforcement (schedule)
VSR Variable Schedule of Reinforcemt
Weim/Weimies Breed: Weimeraner
YMMV Internet: Your Milage May Vary
YKYACTW You Know You’re A Clicker Trainer When… (usually precedes an amusing story)